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Vermont’s Vines: A Wine of the Week special edition

Posted on April 14, 2013

While you visit Vermont this summer, you may want to visit some of our local vineyards. It is my mission to visit more Vermont vineyards this summer, and I will continue to update our blog with my suggestions. Vermont wines are quickly becoming a popular pick when making the selections for your cellar, and enjoying them at the source always makes for a memorable experience.

Let’s start out in Charlotte, about twenty-five minutes North of Basin Harbor. Charlotte Village Winery is a wonderful place to visit during a late afternoon. With a beautiful porch that overlooks Lake Champlain and the picturesque mountain-scape, this winery doubles as a blueberry farm. After spending a couple hours picking, the perfect reward is a tasting of a few of their gold medal winners.¬† They offer a variety of fruit wines as well as grape wines.

Their semi dry blueberry wine is certainly a personal favorite. The right amount of sweetness from the blueberry is equalized by its oaky creation. The winery suggests this semi dry wine be paired with red meats; and is a great selection when you’re grilling out over Memorial Day weekend. This particular wine is an American Wine Society Award Winner.

Another favorite produced by Charlotte Village Winery is Buddy’s Apply Crisp. I’m usually not a fan of “sweet” wines; however, I have found my exception. Initially attracted to the great label with a picture of Buddy, the dog, I couldn’t help but try. This white wine can be enjoyed in any season, “serve warm to get a taste of apple pie or chilled to get a real apple crisp”. You can absolutely tell that this wine was made from real, Vermont apples. Locally sourced from Champlain Orchards in Shoreham, Buddy’s Apple Crisp is a blend of four different varieties of apples. Buddy’s Apple Crisp is a Double Gold medal winner. For more information about Charlotte Village Winery visit their website:

Just a five-minute trip up the road to Shelburne, is another stop you should make: Shelburne Vineyard. Go in for a tasting in their beautiful building set in front of an idyllic¬† scene of vines and a perfect, Vermont backdrop. My favorite is their ‘Lake View White’. This wine sings summer and its label of the Adirondack chair instantly puts me in my happy place. Shelburne Vineyard says that their Lake View White is “a delicate semi-dry blend of Cayuga, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer. This wine awakens the palate with a subtle sweetness and a crisp finish that make it perfect for sipping on a hot and sunny day!”

Vermont wine is a great gift to bring back to your friends and families after your trip here. I recently discovered Bella Vita bags. They have really beautiful bags that fit a wine bottle perfectly, and makes a gift of the grape even more special. Vermont wines are still a well kept secret and your gift will be a wonderful conversation piece.

I like to bring a hostess gift when I go over to friends for dinner. Wine always is a crowd favorite. I’m a bit traditional and like to bring white in the summertime. I always wish that it was cold upon arrival, so we can crack it open and begin to enjoy! Bella Vita bags has a wine bag they called Chill It which has pockets of liquid that after frozen, keeps the wine inside the bag at a refreshing temperature. Check them out at:

Wineries are just a tasting of our ‘Beyond the Basin’ Vermont tours we’ve created and customized for our guests. When you arrive be sure to seek out the others from our guest service team.