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Tuesday, July 29

Posted on July 29, 2014

Sunrise 5:38am Sunset 8:29pm
Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
Today we should see plenty of sunshine to dry us out after our rainy Monday! The temperatures should reach into the mid-70’s.

Guest News
We are happy to welcome back George Sanderson & family from Pennington, New Jersey! Also Matt & Rachel Novak coming up from Queensbury, New York, Welcome! We love to see returning faces as well as meeting our new guests! And speaking of new…We have Ms. Amy Dimeglio & family joining us for the first time, this will be their first time visiting Vermont! We hope you enjoy all that our beautiful Harbor (and state) has to offer!

Resort News
Start off your morning with a thorough workout in our Boot Camp, which makes use of a variety of outdoor elements throughout the property. Like to sleep in? That’s OK! We have a workout for you late risers too. Total Conditioning will get your heart pumping and your muscles stretched and ready for the rest of the day’s activities!

There is a lot going on over at the Golf Shop today! We have a clinic open to everyone of every level. Our Pros will be focusing on Full Swing this afternoon, but are open to suggestion for whatever our guests would like to work on! Ladies, there is also a clinic just for you today! We have PGA Director of Instruction, Bob Prange, who is teaching daily lessons of Full Swing or Short Game. Sessions will last for two and a half hours. Check in with the Golf Shop to sign up for lessons or set up tee times!

Did you know that the Egyptian word sha means “luck” and sha-sha means “bead”? Come to the Club Room this morning to pick out your own “lucky” beads! Join us in making some beautiful pieces in the Jewelry Class! This afternoon come by again to make Vacation Maps. We’ll be using your home state and our home state to make a personal memento from your vacation at Basin Harbor! Sign up at the Concierge desk.

Tonight is the Harbor Fair! This is a North Dock dinner accompanied by great activities and games for the whole family. There is face painting, lawn games, Dux the Balloon Man, and much more! Our delicious Buffet Dinner has something for everyone. There is a variety of cold salads and of course the Barbecue Cookout station where you can find all manner of locally grown and marinated fare!

We have lots of after dinner entertainment for you too! Join us in the Club Room for the Storytellers! Tim Jennings & Leanne Ponder regale you with ageless folk tales and beautiful Celtic music. Over at the Red Mill we have a special Theme Night tonight. DJ Charlie will be there to keep the beat while we rock “A Night At The Country Club”! Dress in your best and bring your friends on over around 10pm, that’s when the party starts!

Portrait News
Anne-Marie Vannucci, the Basin Harbor photographer, will be available throughout the week for Private Portrait Sessions. Don’t miss out on tonight’s Family Portrait Special on the Lodge Lawn at 6pm! See the Concierge or pick up a postcard for more information. Sign-ups are required for the Portrait Sessions, so get your name in today!

Bingo News
Bingo was rocking Sunday night! Devin from Indiana won Regular bingo, while Kayla from Buffalo, NY, won the Picture Frame! Postage Stamp had three winners…Siobhan of Massachusetts, Eliza from California, and Amo from New York. Xavier from Montreal got the Highstakes and Casey Decola hit X Marks The Spot! 4 Corners had 4 winners…David of Williston, Claire from Texas, Kyla Waring, and Madeline from Buffalo! Charlie from Boston won big on Losers and the Blackout went to Eric from Montreal! Congratulations to all of our winners and participants!