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Tuesday, July 15

Posted on July 15, 2014

Sunrise 5:22am Sunset 8:35pm
Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
We’ll have a high in the low-80’s today with lots of clouds and showers likely.

Guest News
Basin Harbor would like to give a warm welcome to James & Jennifer Satterthwaite and family from Sherborn, MA! We are so happy to see familiar faces year after year! We also very much enjoy getting to know the new faces…so welcome to everyone joining us this week!
Dining News
Remember that starting today our fabulous Buffet Lunch will be moving to the Main Dining Room from the Ranger Room. We will continue to host our Buffet Extravaganza in the Main Dining Room until Sunday!

Resort News
Start off your morning with a thorough workout in our Boot Camp, which makes use of a variety of outdoor elements throughout the property. Like to sleep in? That’s OK! We have a workout for you late risers too. Total Conditioning will get your heart pumping and your muscles stretched and ready for the rest of the day’s activities! The Treehouse Wellness Center is open all day in case you just want to go in and lift some weights or run on the treadmill.

Our very own Ellen, will be your trusty tour guide this morning for the Kayak Trek! The waterfront will supply you with everything you need…a single or tandem (that’s a double) kayak, double-sided paddle, and life jacket. Just bring your excitement, energy, and maybe some sunscreen! This afternoon Ellen will be leading another Kayak Trek! So take your pick of morning or afternoon, but you don’t want to miss out on this great adventure!

Did you know…The Mudskipper spends most of its time out of the water and can “walk” on its fins! It carries a portable water supply in its gill chambers when it leaves the water and can breath through the pores of its skin. It might be hard to catch this fish with a pole, but you’re sure to hook something on the Fishing Trip to Haystack! Our trusty Captain will take you out on the EScape and head over to Button Bay. The Waterfront has the supplies you’ll need, including the worms! Stop by the Concierge to put your name on the list!

There is a lot going on over at the Golf Shop today! We have a clinic open to everyone of every level. Our Pros will be focusing on Full Swing this afternoon, but are open to suggestion for whatever our guests would like to work on! Ladies, there is also a clinic just for you today! We have PGA Director of Instruction, Bob Prange, who is teaching daily lessons of Full Swing or Short Game. Sessions will last for two and a half hours. Check in with the Golf Shop to sign up for lessons or set up tee times!

Tonight is the Harbor Fair! This is a North Dock dinner accompanied by great activities and games for the whole family. There is face painting, lawn games, Dux the Balloon Man, and much more! Our delicious Buffet Dinner has something for everyone. There is a variety of cold salads and of course the Barbecue Cookout station where you can find all manner of locally grown and marinated fare!

Come to the Club Room this evening for some wonderful entertainment by Tim Jennings & Leanne Ponder. They will be telling folk stories and playing Celtic music! “True Vermont treasures, hearing them never grows old.” – Seven Days

Bingo News
It was a great night for Bingo on Sunday! Neo Cooley won Regular Bingo, while Noah Dewbrey got the Picture Frame. Bill Casey snagged the Postage Stamp and Noah kept up his winning streak with High Stakes! Betsy Daws from NJ hit X-Marks-the-Spot! Four Corners went to Bruce Amsbery. TJ Snyder stood up and sat down to get his win! And a big congratulations to Nichole who won big in the Blackout!