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Thursday, July 24

Posted on July 24, 2014

Sunrise 5:31am Sunset 8:27pm
Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
We should see lots of sunshine today with a high neat 78!

Guest News
We are happy to welcome back the Remmer clan for their reunion! Joining us today are Glen Wick, Alex Ryzewic, Fritz Angle, John Ryzewic, Mike Ryzewic, Samuel Magavern, George Remmer, Lisa Remmer, Carol Angle, Mark Trustin, Richard Remmer, George Remmer, and their families! Welcome back to some of our other long-time guests…Austen Furse of Texas, John & Mary Kay Wood from Massachusetts, Jennifer Nugent, Philip & Donna Craft from Connecticut, Douglas & Cammie Bryant from Massachusetts, Eve Longlade of New Jersey, Maureen Healey of Massachusetts, and William & Lois Olmstead from New Jersey. We love seeing your returning faces each year, as well as all of the new faces we meet!

We want to give a special mention to Preston Lim who caught the biggest fish during the Family Fishing Tournament on Monday, which just so happened to also be his 8th birthday! So that was a Happy Birthday for Preston!

Resort News
Head over to the Treehouse Wellness Center to sign up for our Mini Triathlon this afternoon! This is a great family event that we host weekly. You’ll start out at the Waterfront with a swim, then throw on your running shoes for a quick loop, and finally hop on your bike for one more loop and the finish!

Our naturalist Matt Witten will be busy today! He has scheduled a Nature Walk around property. He’ll tell you all about our abundant flora and fauna. Then he will be your trusty captain for a Rowing Session! Take advantage of this opportunity to row on the Pilot Gig: a 32-foot, extremely seaworthy and stable craft that replicates the 6-person pulling boats used off the coast of Cornwall, England in the 1800s. Sign up for your space at the Concierge desk! This afternoon he will be leading a hike up Snake Mountain! This is a moderate 3.6 mile hike that normally has some muddy spots, so don’t forget the bug spray! It will be worth it though when you take in the stunning views from the top! Sign up for your spot at the Concierge, we only have room for 5 in the van, beyond that it becomes a self-driving adventure!

We have some fun options if you would like to get your drink on this afternoon! We are hosting Wine & Wickets on the Harbor Lawn. Enjoy a friendly game of croquet with old and new friends, while sipping some delicious wine! Or head for the water on our Cocktails 101 Cruise! Mix Master Corey has come up with two signature cocktails for you to learn and then enjoy them as you cruise around Lake Champlain! Be sure to reserve your spot with the Concierge!

Due to yesterday’s ominous weather, Colin is offering his magnificent Diving Clinic this morning at 11:30am! Meet him at the Pool to perfect your dive.
Dining News
Tonight is the Shore Dinner! This is an amazing buffet that happens down at the North Dock. Our amazing Chef has created an incredible array of tasty sea-inspired fare. Swing by the Concierge desk to take a peek at the menu and make your reservation! After dinner come by the Town Hall for some Basin Harbor Bingo!

Looking Ahead
Tomorrow our very own interior designer and author of Salvage Secrets, Joanne, will be hosting a DIY Class this morning! She will regale you with tales about her salvage secrets, projects, and exciting history before showing you how to create your own DIY Rope Vases! Sign up with the Concierge for this great experience!