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Thursday, August 21

Posted on August 22, 2014

Sunrise 6:03am Sunset 7:48pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)

We’ve got a 50 percent chance for showers today, with otherwise cloudy skies and temperatures in the 70’s.


Guest News

We are happy to welcome back Barbara Marano & family from Chappaqua, NY!


The Carpenter family is here for a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration! Mr. & Mrs. John Carpenter are here from Crossriver, NY. Joining them for the occasion are Zoe Lewis, Kate Conway, Samantha Conway, Matt Carpenter, Josh Levy, Maggie Carpenter, Eva Levy, Annie Conway, and families! Happy Anniversary from your Basin Harbor Family!


Resort News

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a Family Portrait done while you are here in this beautiful setting! Our photographer extraordinaire, Anne-Marie, will be here to host a Family Portrait Special this morning. Sign up with the Concierge for your time slot or for more information about a private session with Anne-Marie!


Get your work out on this morning at the Fitness Center for Boot Camp, Yoga, or FIT Class! Or sign up for a Rowing Session with our Naturalist, Matt! He’ll take you out on the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s 32-ft. Pilot Gig and show you some old time moves that come straight from 1800’s England.


There is more outdoor fun this afternoon with the Hike to Deer Leap, where you can see the most spectacular views! Dive into the Triathlon and outrun your competition. Or stroll around the gardens with our knowledgeable gardener, Sue! Our gardens this year were inspired by the great mountain ranges of the world!


Don’t miss out on Wine & Wickets on the Homestead Lawn. This is a great way to end the afternoon and get in some quality time with friends, as well as engage in some friendly competition!


Show off your amazing talents tomorrow at the Talent Show! The actual show will take place in the Club Room tomorrow night. But don’t worry you’ll have time to practice earlier in the afternoon. There will be a Talent Show Practice time tomorrow afternoon in the Club Room!


Dining News

Tonight is the Shore Dinner! This is an amazing buffet that happens down at the North Dock. Our amazing Chef has created an incredible array of tasty sea-inspired fare. Swing by the Concierge desk to take a peek at the menu and make your reservation! After dinner come by the Town Hall for some Basin Harbor Bingo!


Local News

Tonight is the monthly Vergennes Arts Walk! This charming small town event takes place just 10 minutes away. You’ll be able to take a walk through town, stopping into various businesses to take a peak at the local artists they are hosting tonight! There will be music at the Farmer’s Market in the park and an open mic night at the Opera House!