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The Daily Breeze, July 17th

Posted on July 16, 2012

Week 28
July 17, 2012

Sunrise and Sunset
5:25 am 8:33 pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
The Harbor might experience some wild weather today, with HOT temps reaching 92 degrees, thunderstorms later in the day, and perhaps even some hail to accompany the gusty winds. Or it might just be another pleasant day at BHC! Let’s find out!

Guest News
A hearty welcome goes out to our guests arriving today! Basin Harbor is pleased to have Pete & Patricia Michaels back from Manchester, MA for their 3rd time this season! A big hello goes out to Olivia and Bennett. We’re also excited to see Denis Jackson from London, England this week, bringing along Henry, Annabelle, and George. Welcome back to the Harbor!

Bingo News
Let’s give a round of applause for our Bingo champions from Sunday night! Our winning streak started with Florence Moore of East Aurora, NY who scooped up the prize for Regular Bingo. Jessie Ralph of Manhattan Beach, CA nabbed the pot for X Marks the Spot, while Steve Kelly from Boston, MA won Four Corners. Our Postage Stamp victor of the eve was Stella Hackett of Brooklyn, NY. Picture Frame turned up a tie between Josh Huber of Vergennes, VT and Ruth Brons from Lancaster, PA, while Jack Kelly of Boston, MA stole away with the entire High Stakes Bingo prize to himself. A very lucky loser Ned Cooley of Needham, MA took home the Losers Bingo prize. Last but not least, the lady of the hour, our very own Miss Merle Beach, capped the evening with her Blackout victory, strolling home $195 dollars richer! What a night! Congratulations to all our lucky winners.

Nature News
Wildlife sighting in New York! While hiking up to the top of Barn Rock after a kayak paddle, Danny Satterthwaite from Dover, MA and his family Jenn, Jamie, and Maggie spotted a young Eastern Newt, in its bright-orange juvenile stage known as a Red Eft. Good eye! Danny was happy to report no rattlesnake sightings. We love to hear about your nature encounters at Basin Harbor! Visit the Nature Center below the Homestead and record your sightings on the Wildlife Watch.

Resort News
Basin Harbor offers a very unique opportunity this evening to help kick your post-dinner imagination into gear. Two of Vermont’s most famous storytellers, Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder, will be here tonight in the Club Room. Their storytelling with music will engage crowds of all ages. Come see the magic!

Ann-Marie will be capturing candid images at various events throughout the day and this evening at the Harbor Fair. Please feel free to say hello and let her know if you have any requests. Our Family Portrait Special will be available tonight at Harbor Fair and Thursday morning at the Wilderneath Garden. Space is limited, so please sign up in advance with the concierge.

Looking ahead, don’t miss your chance to attend a very exciting concert at the Town Hall tomorrow night. The Three B’s (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms) featuring the New York Chamber Soloists will make a night of Basin Harbor at 8pm on Wednesday. Tickets are required, include a pre-show wine tasting, and may be purchased online through, or by calling Jen at Ext. 830. Make it an even more gourmet occasion by pre-ordering a mouth-watering picnic spread to enjoy beforehand.

Quote of the Day
“Ring the bells that can still ring, forget your perfect offering,
There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
~Leonard Cohen