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The Daily Breeze, August 10

Posted on August 9, 2013

August 10
Week 32     

Sunrise  5:51am
Sunset   8:06pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
We appreciate the rain, but it’s time to see the sun again! Patchy fog this morning is expected to burn off and leave us with a mostly sunny afternoon and a high near 80 degrees.

Guest News
Happy Saturday! We are delighted to welcome our returning guests on this fine Saturday. From Southborough, MA comes Dan & Dee Kerner with the gang, while Manhasset, NY brings Richard & Carmen Puttre and their family. We welcome Thomas & Kerry Filippone and the crew from Kayonah, NY, and greet David & Ellen Wallack and family from Baltimore, MD. Deborah Sullivan and family from Hingham, MA are here for the week, while Allen & Suzanne Tubis join us from Arnold, MD with Jacob. How nice to see Frank Mankiewicz and Patricia O’Brien from Washington, DC, as well as Giles Troughton & Karen Ramsey from Sudbury, MA along with Colin and Matthew! BHC welcomes Robert Schweizer of Tucson, AZ as well as Roman & Pepper Schweizer of Alexandria, VA with Graydon and Loden in tow. We are glad to see Virginia Coolidge of Shelburne, VT here at the harbor, along with Mark & Elizabeth Johnson and Amy Anderson. Joseph & Janet Polizzotto from Brooklyn, NY are joining us for some summer fun with Julie and Emily, and a big hello goes out to Sam Pryor of New York, NY with Toni, Christina, and Jack. Welcome back! From Sudbury, MA comes Ralph & Laura Meier, while The Big Apple brings us Frederick & Julia Ruvkun with Carolyn and Andrew. Jeffrey Peters & Mary Anne Miller join us from Sag Harbor, NY with Isabel, while Philip & Gloria Martinez arrive from Hoosick Falls, NY. Nice to see you again! Frank & Cathy Nash of Rowayton, CT bring Grace and Oona back to the Harbor for a second dose of BHC fun, and John & Jane Friedman and Meredith join us from New York, NY. Basin Harbor is glad to see William & Barbara Cronin of Fairfield, CT with Kelly and Michael, as well as Mark & Melissa Schroeder with Patrick and Caroline of Montclair, NJ. John Brush & Gay Goldsmith from Virginia Beach, VA join us with Anna, and we wish Ann a very Happy Birthday during her stay! E. Howard & Robin Perkins from Greenwich, CT are here with Ivy, Gary, and Harry, while Lillian Carney joins us from Bartlett, TN. Our friends Tyler Donaldson & Janet Chan from New York City are here with Laura, and Rebecca McGowan of Ann Arbor, MI is here with Margot. How lovely it is to see Polly Carpenter & Mahmoud El Hamamsy from New York, NY with Tymor! Welcome to Scott & Rebecca Winget of Frederick MD with Claira and Lillian, Jim & Susan Snyder from Springfield, NE, and Stephen & Iris Halpern from San Diego, CA with Emma. Bethlehem, PA brings us Stephen & Colleen Sawyer, who will be celebrating an Anniversary this week. Happy Anniversary! From Sag Harbor, NY we welcome Jeffrey & Kathleen Brown along with Ryan and Jack. Welcome back! Also with us this week are Charles Kerner from Ingram, TX and William & Adalene Shore with Michael and Rachel from Scarsdale, NY. We are so happy to welcome you all back to BHC!

We would like to wish a very special Happy Birthday to Mark Schroeder from Montclair, NJ. We are delighted that he and his family are celebrating with us! Also celebrating a momentous occasion at BHC are Bob & Joan Jones, who were married 50 years ago. Happy Golden Anniversary to the Jones duo, and we wish you many more wonderful years ahead!

Group News
Basin Harbor is delighted to welcome our family groups this week! We are glad to see the Kyles Family from various parts of Connecticut, as well as the lovely Pogues joining us nation-wide from New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Rhode Island, and California! The Post Family is here with us from Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, while the Gillespie crew visits from Virginia and Connecticut. BHC welcomes the Seidman Family from New York and Washington, DC as well as the Goldsholle and Levenson contingent gathering from California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Maryland. It’s nice to see the Laser Family again this summer, here from New York, Utah, and of course our very own Vermont! We’re so glad you all could make it!

Bingo News
What a night at Bingo on Thursday! Our first game went to Eddie O’Keefe from Ridgewood, NJ, who then went on to tie for Postage Stamp with Ryan Nall of Chatham, NJ. Mary Ann Wright, also from Ridgewood, NJ, swooped in for the X Marks the Spot win, while Alex Jones of Philadelphia, PA took home the prize for Picture Frame. Ryan Nall made a second appearance to conquer High Stakes Bingo, while Jack Jones of Philadelphia, PA nabbed the Loser’s Bingo win. Our final Blackout round resulted in a tie between the lovely Cecilia Kane and Alexandra Virginic, who split the $217 jackpot. Congratulations to our Bingo winners!

Resort News
Who is pollinating Basin Harbor’s beautiful gardens? If you are curious about the fascinating world of honeybees, let Peter Morris tell you all about them. He will be giving a special tour of his personal apiary tomorrow afternoon. Sign up with the concierge, as space is limited, and please refrain from wearing any fragrances, especially banana! Peter will tell you why.

Basin Harbor Club, once the home of Food Fresh Farm, continues to promote Vermont’s dedication to locally grown food and the farms of Addison County. For dinner tonight, make your reservations for our taste bud-tingling Farm to Table Buffet, held tonight in the Main Dining Room. It’s also our “welcome” time for everyone to be a little casual and say hello to your fellow friends. Then head to the Red Mill for a nightcap, and check out our full lineup of local brews from Otter Creek, Switchback, Fiddlehead, Magic Hat, and more. DJ Top Hat will be spinning the tunes for your dancing pleasure!

Quote of the Day:
“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
~ Leonard Cohen