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Take Your Family Out Friday Night to Basin Harbor

This Friday, do more than just take out for dinner.

Take your family to Basin Harbor Club for the night.


Special Friday Night Deals

Guest Room $125.00 for 2 Adults

Studio Cottage $165.00 for 2 Adults

1 Bedroom Cottage – $200.00 for 2 Adults

2 Bedroom Cottage -$275.00 for 4 Adults

3 Bedroom Cottage – $ 325.00 for 6 Adults

Rates include Full Breakfast with 2 people per bedroom and kids under 10 complimentary.

Rates are first come, first serve based on availbility, higher rates apply for Saturday and Sunday.

Rates do not include tax and service. No applicable to previously made reservations.

Columbus Day Weekend is a very special celebration for Basin Harbor.
It is our Halloween, fondly referred to asĀ Harborween.
Check out the schedule!

Enjoy a peaceful evening at Basin Harbor on Friday and then play all day Saturday.
A perfect way to spend the holiday weekend with family.

Basin Harbor closes for the season on October 19.
We look forward to seeing you one more time…or two!