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Share the Vermont Love!

Posted on February 8, 2012

In case you missed our January eBreeze, we featured a list of our favorite VT Chocolatier’s. It’s not too late…
Mmmm, chocolate. That very special  holiday called Valentines Day is coming up and we have done some research for you on  Vermont chocolatiers. Who would have thought we had so many to chose from? And these are just a few. So browse their online shops, drool over their flavors and buy your sweetheart some chocolates from Vermont. ~ Vergenne’s own little chocolate shop where each piece is made by hand. Their lavendar & toasted almond white chocolate bark will blow your taste buds away!

bla ~ Try their lavendar & wild blueberry dark chocolate bar or goat’s milk caramel truffles. ~ 2nd generation chocolatiers in jericho, VT.  They create traditional cremes, chews, caramels along with barks, brittles and lots of other delightful confections. ~ At Christmas, people line up to watch them make handmade candycanes. They pride themselves on fresh flavors and hand dipping. Try the vermont truffles like chamomile and lavendar infused chevre or bayley hazen blue cheese truffles. ~ You should not be deprived of amazing chocolate because of allergies. This mom cared enough to start a company specializing in nut free chocolates. Maple creams, orange apricot truffles, chocolate dipped pretzels, fun chocolate lollipops..yum! ~ You have to try these brownies. Dark chocolate chevre, maple toffee crunch, espresso dulche de leche, all packaged in a charming box with the fun sheep logo. A great success story! ~ One of the most recognizable chocolate company outside of VT, their bright wrappings remain favorites.  Our favorites are their seasonal offerings with designs and flavors reflecting the time of year. Delicious organic chocolate bars and of course our own Grace Potter, idolized in dark chocolate with red pepper and crunchy pistachios. ~ These chocolates may not all be VT made but this classic institution carries some of the most nostalgic candies ever made. It’s a walk down memory lane.