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Paddling down the creek

Posted on January 12, 2012

BHC Naturalist’s Log

August 21, 2011

On Otter Creek and Dead Creek, 13 paddlers (a record!) set out in 4 double kayaks and 5 singles. A plethora of birds to see: one immature eagle (its head is still dark); 2 great egrets, stark white against the surrounding cattails; an osprey wheeling high overhead; 2 great blue herons wading stealthily in the shallows, and a green heron (which is not green at all, and much more compact than a great blue) flapping low above the marsh.

We also fished with the small seine net. We came up empty on the first two tries just a little way up on the shore of Dead Creek. But the third time was the charm. Flopping around in the net were: 2 largemouth bass, about 10 crappies, 2 emerald shiners losing their silver scales like tinsel falling off a tannenbaum, one bullhead, a bluegill, and 2 yellow perch. All babies. What a catch!

Matt Witten
Basin Harbor Naturalist