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Housing Information

Basin Harbor Club has housing available for a limited number of staff. In order to be considered for housing, an employee must live at least 30 miles away from property or considered to be in a significant key position for the season that requires housing. Staff who are approved for housing will be required to provide a $275.00 room deposit fee upon arrival or through payroll deduction. Upon departure $200.00 of the deposit may be returned, depending on room condition at the end of the season. Room and board for the 201 5 season will be $100.00/wk. All staff that fulfill their contract or work until season end, will receive a season end bonus of $25.00 for every week worked to the completion of the contract or season.

Smoking is NOT permitted in the cottages, dorm rooms, or motel rooms. Those who choose to violate this policy will automatically forfeit the full $275 room deposit and will he required to leave their cottage, dorm or motel room within 24 hours.

Pets are NOT allowed in units on property. With Human Resources approval, pets may be allowed at Schoolhouse or at the motel. If the pet is approved, an additional $200 per pet NON-REFUNDABLE housing deposit is required. Individuals discovered housing pets without approval will charged $200 / pet and the pet(s) will be immediately removed from the property or premises.

Housing Expectations

1) Keep rooms, bathrooms and shared living spaces neat and clean (there’s an inspection once each week).

2) Be friendly and courteous to our guests and fellow staff members.

3) Take your job seriously and strive to do your best at all times.

4) Be helpful and flexible at all times.

5) Respect your neighbors by not playing music loudly, engaging in illegal activities, violating housing rules and agreements.

Our staff are encouraged to take advantage of the amenities and benefits the resorts offers to our guests.  With that privilege we do expect that staff will conduct themselves in a professional appropriate manner whether they are on or off the clock.  Any inappropriate behavior off duty will be addressed with your department supervisor and the Human Resource Department.


Staff who reside in housing are provided with 3 meals a day. Meals are served buffet style in the Staff Dining Room at the Lodge. All staff are expected to bus their own dishes and utensils and keep the dining room and buffet area picked-up. The Chef makes an effort to prepare meals that are varied, healthy, and good to eat and encourages your suggestions and comments. Staff are invited to eat in the Guest Dining Room on occasion during the summer.  Staff who do not live on property have the option to purchase a meal plan and dine in the Employee Cafeteria.

What To Bring

Spending your summer at Basin Harbor Club is much like heading off to college.  We can provide linens and towels for you but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.  The rooms will be furnished with dressers, chair, nightstand, lighting, bed and pillow.  We would recommend if you can, to bring your own pillow.  We suggest that you not bring  valuables with you.  It is the employee’s responsibility to lock their rooms and BHC is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods. Basin Harbor is located in prime biking country. Remember to bring a lock with you.


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