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So Much To Do.

Kayak. Canoe. Swim. Tennis. Run. Walk. Bike. Golf. Pitch. Putt. Work Out. Yoga. Nature Trails. Badminton. Soccer. Frisbee. Basketball. Relax. Read. Nap. Shop. Explore. Hike.

Please Enjoy Your Summer Fun At BHC, Be Safe And Remember That When Using Recreational Facilities, The Guests Must Come First. While Off Duty, Employees May Enjoy The Following Amenities:

  • Complimentary Golf-employees must abide by all rules and etiquette of golf, dress in appropriate attire and footwear (no jeans or teeshirts!).  Tee times are required and are subject to availability.
  • Use of the Waterfront – Employees of Basin Harbor are permitted to recreate at the waterfront area.  During very busy times such as the Beach Party, we do ask staff to refrain from utilizing the waterfront area.  Swimming in our beautiful lake is of course a benefit to working at BHC, however please exercise caution and be safe. Please restrict your swimming to daylight hours only. Rides on our tour boat, The Escape are available, however subject to availability. Kayaks and Canoes are available at no charge.  Water-skiing is available at scheduled times, keep your eye open for posters.
  • Shopping: Employees receive a 20% discount* on all items except food and some merchandise in the Golf Shop, Gift Shop and Harbor Store. *Certain items in the shops are not subject to the staff discount including immediately consumable goods like  ice cream and  creemees.
  • Wireless Internet: Our property is equipped with Wireless Internet. See HR for more information.
  • Restaurants: 20% discount on dining at the Red Mill, Main Dining Room or Theme Dinners
  • Wellness Center: Our fitness center is available to employees from noon to 10pm. Fitness Classes such as Yoga and Pilates are offered to employees at no cost, but are subject to availability.
  • Reduced Rates at Historic Hotels across the US: As a member of the Historic Hotels of America we can offer discounted rates to our employees at other Historic Properties across the US. Rates are determined by those properties and reservations are awarded based on availability.

At all times we ask that you respect our “guest first” policy and to be friendly, helpful and courteous whether on or off duty.

Each week the Human Resources Office will coordinate staff trips into town, to Burlington or a nearby shopping area for those staff who do not have access to their own transportation.


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