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Friday, July 4

Posted on July 4, 2014

Sunrise 5:14am Sunset 8:40pm
Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
It will be mostly cloudy today, with the high reaching the upper 70’s. There will be the chance for showers throughout the day.

Guest News
Basin Harbor would like to welcome back Mrs. Lillian Brenes from Rockaway, NJ! Welcome back from Mountain Lakes, NJ, Mr. & Mrs. John Dowling and Christopher & Jessica Mahony! We also would like to welcome the whole Doyle Family, who are here for a reunion! And of course welcome to Patrick & Catherine Quinn who will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary with us…Happy Anniversary!

Resort News
Happy Fourth of July!
Did you know…History states that red, white and blue were chosen as the colors represent, valor (red), liberty & purity (white), justice & loyalty (blue). Come out and kick off the Fourth with us with songs and the raising of the flag! Don’t forget to reserve your spot at our 4th of July Breakfast on the front lawn.

There is still plenty to do today at Basin Harbor. Sign up for one of our Tennis Clinics and work on your stroke, strategy, and basic mechanics. Or show off your moves in the final session of this week’s Round Robin Wimbledon Tournament! Don’t miss out on your chance to win fame and prizes.

Or brush up on your Golf skills with our Pros. They’ll be focusing on Pitching today, but are more than happy to help you with any area that needs development. Feeling confident in your skills already? Grab some friends and head to the Golf Shop to set up a tee time!

Our wonderful Photographer Anne-Marie will be hosting her Design Sessions this afternoon from 1pm-3pm in the Club Room. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to talk with her and order your beautiful vacation photos!

Sports News
Last night was big night for Bingo!  Paul Mangelsdorf won on X-Marks the Spot and Blackout! Breann Decola won the Regular Bingo and Roscoe Brumback wont he High Stakes. Isabella took the Postage Stamp gold. The Couthard family had a good night with Chris winning on Postage Stamp, Catie capturing the Picture Frame, and Leann getting the Loser’s. Congratulations to everyone!

The Family Fishing Tournament was a huge success! The Naimans were there, as well as the Jiangs.  Liam, Colin, & Julia Higgins took part. Mark, Carol & Michelle Yanche tried their hand at hooking a fish. The Couthard Family…Chris, Cate, Brendan, & Leann…also made their mark on the Tournament. Elizabeth Abbott had a great time, hooking an 11.5 inch Bull Head. Ellie Conquergood snagged an 8 inch Sunfish and Mark Kaufman got an 8 inch Yellow Perch. Liam Higgins made waves with his 11 inch Crappie, while Julia Higgins brought in an 8.5 inch Rock Bass. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

The 2nd Annual Cardboard Regatta was also a great success! Our teams constructed some great boats and set sail. Team SomD won Overall with a seaworthy design and unshakable captain. Team Yocos won in the Style category and Team Fair took the Durability & Design Award. Team Banchik made Honorable Mention with their valiant attempts. Congratulations to all of our racers!
Speaking of racers… Congratulations to all who participated in the 3rd Annual Basin Harbor Triathlon.  David Naiman was the first male to cross with a blistering time of 15:04.  Our Masters winner was Matthew Hickerson with a time of 20:25.  The first team to finish was the team of Jon Harden, Heather Harden, and Paul Mangelsdorf with a time of 16:03. Special recognition to Dan Pollart and the entire Pollart family for being an inspiration to us all. See you all next year!