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Farewell 125, Welcome 126!

Posted on October 24, 2011

My Grandfather, A. P. Beach, used to say that each season went by faster than its predecessor.  He was so right!  It seems only yesterday that we were eagerly anticipating opening up.  People are always asking us what we do all winter – travel?  sit by the fire and eat bon bons?  The truth is, once the door closes, all our energy goes into planning for the following year, so it’s a very exciting time.

This has been a year punctuated by water events – an historic high level for Lake Champlain in May, and a pretty wet fall begun by Irene’s appearance on August 29th.  But the BHC team rose to the occasion and showed that old fashioned gumption and Yankee ingenuity will carry the day.  The new floating docks that made boating possible in May and June stood us in good stead for the fall, too. The cement docks passed a lot of time under water this year!

As always, we are grateful to everyone who made our 125th year possible – guests young and old, staff from near and far.  We’re proud to provide a beautiful spot where people can gather to appreciate their families.  As we grow older, we are struck by just how important kith and kin are in today’s world.  And we count you all as part of our family.  How very fortunate we are!

So,  in closing, thank you for all our blessings.  The Basin Harbor family joins me in sending best wishes for joyous holidays, and a happy, healthy time until we meet again.

Warm regards, Pennie