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Resort Dining

From the time that Basin Harbor Club opened in 1886, food has been the central part of every guest's experience. Although the beginning was humble, fresh and local food has always been the highlight of daily life.

The restaurants of Basin Harbor Club and their menus reflect time-honored favorites as well as bold contemporary flavors. The bounty of Vermont is the unifying theme throughout, with resort dining menus that reflect the changing, New England seasons to feature the best from our local producers.


Food & Dining at Basin Harbor from Basin Harbor on Vimeo.

Executive Chef, Christian Kruse, a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute, draws his inspiration from Vermont’s healthy landscape. He inspires his culinary team to make the most of the wonderful local food available – delectable cheeses, crisp produce, and free range poultry and beef. He strives to make your culinary memories truly unforgettable. A recent guest at the James Beard House in NYC, his plates have been described as “Rubenesque with the eye of a Dutch Master”.

For resort dining reservations, call 802.475.2311.