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Daily Breeze June 30

Posted on June 29, 2012

Sunrise and Sunset
5:13am 8:40pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
Warm and windy weather is on the radar for today, with temperatures reaching 88 degrees. A 20% chance of precipitation brings potential for a few drops of rain.

Guest News
Welcome back to Basin Harbor, friends! We are excited to have Raymond Solinger with us for the next two weeks, along with the legendary Solinger Family from Laurel Hollow, NY. Thomas & Susan Knight are back from Hopkinton, MA along with Victoria and Catherine, while Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sibble return from Milton, MA with Isabella. Our Pero, VT friends Timothy & Juliette Britton are here with Miles, Noah, and Jose. Welcome back! From East Longmeadow, MA come Robert & Debra Mack, with Robbie, Maggie, and Joey in tow. Stephen & Debby Wilson with Lilly and Emmett are here from Maplewood, NJ, while Mr. & Mrs. David Colman from Natick, MA bring Joseph and Catherine for another week of fun. From Beaufort, SC come Dr. Sherrod Morehead and Lynda Britton, while Chad & Kim Egelhoff arrive from New Albany, OH. Great to see you all! BHC welcomes back Stephen & Donna Martin from Washington, DC and their crew, as well as Anne Stetson and her family from Cambridge, MA. We are delighted to have Steven & Katherine Bergholtz and Sheridan with us again from Wenham, MA. Joining us for the weekend are Christopher & Jazz Heath from Milton, VT and Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Dowd of Pointe Claire, Quebec. How wonderful to have you all with us for the Fourth of July week of festivities!

Group News
Basin Harbor is delighted to welcome our Family Reunion groups this week! The Mathews Family will be reuniting from Vero Beach, FL, Bethesda, MD and Austin, TX, while the Hamilton Family joins us from Avon, CT and Northwood, NH. The Jacobsons will be gathering on our Lake Champlain shore from the great state of New Jersey, while the Pollart Family are reunionizing from Darien, CT, Alameda, CA, The Big Apple, Charlottesville, VA, and Mountain View, CA. We’re pleased to have you here!

Tennis News
Basin Harbor would like to send out a special thanks to Bob and Patrick Farrell for their loyalty to the tennis program this past week, and for welcoming in our new tennis pro, Adam Kent! It’s been great to you have you on the courts!

What a Bingo game we had on Thursday night! To start things off, Alex Ratcliffe-Lee from Wayne, NY and Nicole Vincent of Shelburne, VT tied for Regular Bingo. Another draw brought in two winners for X Marks the Spot, Michele Domiziano of Stamford, CT and Jonathan Nevius of Metuchen, NJ. The Picture Frame prize went to Joe Tabak of Barrington, IL, while Smithtown, NY’s Chris Farrell took home the pot for Postage Stamp. Jane Maltby of Chatham, NJ scored high on High Stakes Bingo. Olivia Baine from Greenwich, CT scooped up a win for BOTH Corners and Losers Bingo, and generously chose to split her winnings between her sister and her Hawaii vacation fund. Our reigning Blackout champion of the week was that lucky duck Sam Mazo of Hartford, CT, who just can’t be beat when it comes to Blackout. What a night! Basin Harbor congratulates our participants, and we encourage you big winners to buy your less fortunate friends a big ol’ creemee at the Harbor Store!

Quote of the Day
“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take
what you’ve been taking.” -Earl Wilson