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Daily Breeze, June 25

Posted on June 24, 2013

Week 25
June 24, 2013

Sunrise         Sunset
5:10am         8:40pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
A high of 90 degrees will compliment the potential for heavy rains this afternoon.

Guest News
Basin Harbor is excited to welcome back our returning guests today! We are glad to see Walter & Jennifer Cahill of Portland, OR visiting all the way from the lovely Pacific Northwest, and we wish them a very special congratulations as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Enjoy your time in the Green Mountain State! From Marion, MA we welcome Robert & Phyllis Eklund and their extending family.

Group News
A warm welcome goes out to the Eklund Family, who is gathering here for a little family fun. We are glad to have you here at Basin Harbor! We are also honored to host members of the UVM Vermont Mathematics Initiative, a group supporting and encouraging effective mathematics instruction in the education system across the state of Vermont. BHC is delighted to have you with us!

Resort News
It’s easy to avoid a case of the Mondays here at Basin Harbor! Whether you’re making use of our swimming pool, lakefront, golf course, tennis courts, ping pong table, or even just playing a boardgame in the Champlain Lounge, there is something for everyone! Take advantage of the Basin Harbor grounds and get out for a walk in our beautiful gardens or out to Button Bay State Park, only a mile away! While on the trail, see if you can find our recently added Checkerboard Stump and sit down for a game with a friend!

After putting in an exhilarating round of Golf, find your way to the Fairway Cafe under the awning on the Golf Shop Deck. Close to the pool and tennis courts, the café is a lovely hideaway serving light fare for ALL, not just hungry golfers! Try their panini grilled breakfast and lunch sandwiches, kosher hot dogs, salads, and bakery and other goodies (not included in meal plans). Or come on by for a nice cold one! The cafe is open all season!

Our Nature and Art Guru Abbey welcomes you back to the Nature Center, located at the bottom of the Homestead building. Come on inside to peruse informative displays about shipwrecks, geology, Champ lore, wild edibles, cicadas and fireflies, and more! See what project Abbey is currently working on and ask her some questions about the local flora and fauna. Grab your hiking and biking guides, as well as a property trail map, and plan a little adventure.

Despite all the spring showers we have been experiencing this year at the Harbor, our dedicated gardeners still managed to plant the thousands of colorful flowers that BHC is so famous for. We have the largest display of annuals in Vermont, in fact! Take a stroll through any of our six large gardens, and stop in the Chef’s Garden just outside the dining room to catch a whiff of the culinary herbs, scented geraniums, and fragrant edibles that are used to garnish your dinner plate.

If you just can’t get enough of the lake by taking advantage of all our boat rentals, kayaks, and exciting waterfront activities down at the Harbor, you can get another lake fix of a different kind by paying a visit to our next door neighbor, the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum! There, you can explore all kinds of fascinating displays about lake history, boats and boatbuilding of past and present, replicas, and a plethora of maritime-inspired artwork. The museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

Quote of the Day
“The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.”
~Michael Pollan