Basin Harbor Club and Resort Lake Champlain, Vermont

Tuesday, July 22

Posted on July 22, 2014

Sunrise 5:29am Sunset 8:29pm Local Weather (Subject to Change!) It is going to be a hot, sunny day today! We’ll have lots of sunshine with highs near 90! Guest News We are happy to welcome back to Basin Harbor Dr. Irwin Krakoff! Welcome back Laurie Holt & family from Mendham, NJ! Welcome to another member […]

Monday, July 21

Posted on July 21, 2014

Local Weather (Subject to Change!) Lots of sunshine, light to gentle breezes and a high of 86 degrees. Guest News We warmly Welcome Back Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sperber of East Williston NY on their 42nd visit to Basin Harbor.  We Welcome Back Mrs. Jean Goguen of Stow MA who celebrated her honeymoon here in […]

Sunday, July 20

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Local Weather (Subject to Change!) A beautiful Vermont summer day with a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures reaching 82 degrees. Look for lots of sunshine in the week ahead  Wind will be from the south at 3 to 8 miles per hour today. The lake temperature is 73 degrees Guest News Welcome Back […]

Saturday, July 19

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Sunrise 5:26am Sunset 8:32pm Local Weather (Subject to Change!) Today will be a Beautiful start to the week! With mostly sunny skies and high in the low 80’s! Guest News We are happy to welcome The Wessel Family back this year for their reunion! Christine Maresca & family are joining us from Garden City and […]

Friday, July 18

Posted on July 18, 2014

Sunrise 5:25am Sunset 8:33pm Local Weather (Subject to Change!) It is going to be a beautiful sunny day today! Enjoy the near 80 temperatures along with the sun! Guest News We are welcoming Mrs. Babett Carrier & family back all the way from London, England! Ms. Jayme Koszyn is also returning to us from Brooklyn, […]

Thursday, July 17

Posted on July 17, 2014

Sunrise 5:24am Sunset 8:33pm Local Weather (Subject to Change!) It will be mostly sunny today with high near 80 and a chance for showers in the afternoon. Guest News Basin Harbor is happy to welcome Edward & Joan McGovern from Keswick, VA! They will be joined later in the week by the rest of their […]

Wednesday, July 16

Posted on July 16, 2014

Sunrise 5:23am Sunset 8:34pm Local Weather (Subject to Change!) We’ll be starting the day with some clouds, but they should clear out, leaving us with some beautiful sunshine and highs near 80! Guest News We are happy to welcome back Charles & Priscilla Salem from Bennington, VT! They are here with Benjamin & Elizabeth Foster, […]