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2014 Yearly Calendar. A New Tradition

January 2014.

While winter’s chill has taken hold, visions of warm, sunny days inspire us to plan for Basin Harbor’s 128th year, which begins May 16, 2014. Make sure you plan to visit!

We are thrilled to share a new tradition with all of our friends and family. We have created an electronic version of our traditionally printed 2014 Basin Harbor Club Calendar, which can be easily downloaded in a JPEG format or even printed from the high resolution PDF.

Please consider using the calendar as your desktop wallpaper so you can enjoy beautiful photos from Basin Harbor Club right from your computer. The month-by-month calendar can also be printed out to pin up at home or work. It’s a wonderful way to look forward to your next visit! Best wishes for a 2014 filled with the good things in life.
The Basin Harbor Family.

January 2014     JPG     PDF

February 2014   JPG     PDF

March 2014      JPG     PDF

April 2014    JPG     PDF

May 2014      JPG     PDF

June 2014    JPG     PDF

July 2014    JPG     PDF

August 2014     JPG     PDF

September 2014    JPG     PDF

October 2014    JPG     PDF

November 2014    JPG     PDF

December 2014     JPG     PDF